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Gago Movers was established in 2010. Having previously worked in another London-based removal company, our quality experience has given us the knowledge and confidence to branch out and set up our own removals business that would meet every customer need.
Our main focus is to maintain a high customer satisfaction, we favour quality over quantity. At Gago Movers, the company is family-run and therefore we have a tight connection between the team and great communication skills which allow us to carry out tasks efficiently. We guarantee that your belongings will be handled appropriately respectively and with care.
The team are all individually experienced, hard-working and efficient team members, striving to delight the customer with the high quality service that they will receive. We all choose to take more time when moving large and/or fragile objects rather than rushing and risking damage to customer property, this allows us to ensure the safety of your goods during the transportation and handling process. The principle aim of our staff members are to ensure that customers receive the most efficient removal possible.

You can trust Gago Movers for a professional, reliable and friendly service.

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