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How do we help you?

If you require a reliable and efficient house clearance and/or removal in London then look no further than Gagomovers. With our house clearance service, we will take care of any bothersome tasks which leaves you, our valued clients, free to focus on other things. Our professional employees will carry out these tasks for you, from beginning to end. We will provide you with the necessary packing materials at very competitive prices. Under your request our packers will be involved in removing and secure the best packaging for your belongings. We always take care to use the right packing materials, such as sofa covers, bubble wrap, and ideal volume containers for delicate items, such as books and glassware.

Our organised and efficient moving team is able to predict the length of time your move will take, meaning that everything goes according to plan. We will ensure that everything is packed and safe delivery is made. If required, we will temporarily store your possessions in very secure places where there is no danger of damage or misplacement. Our reliable service saves you effort and money.

  Furniture Hoist Hire For London

Gagomovers offer a Furniture hoists hire is ideal if you need removal or delivery of large, awkward items of furniture which can’t be carried upstairs and don’t fit through doorways, then these furniture lifts can be used to install or remove it through the window.

We know just how to remove furniture items from households using our hoist machinery, prioritising its safety throughout the removal process,  Contact us here. 


House Clearance

Has your house become a junkyard, preventing you from finding a single spacious spot within it? Are you tired of all the clutter and looking to get rid of it? Do you want to create some breathing space in your home by selling off unwanted stuff?

Here is the deal. You can hire our house clearance services at the very best rates. Our staff are professionally trained and have worked on countless projects. Whether it is limited to your garage only, or extended to a full house clearance, you can rely on us to perform an effective and tidy job. If you want to set up everything for sale, our trained professionals will help you out in this task as well. Exterior or interior, furniture or smaller objects; we will help you to choose, transport and dispose of your unwanted items. 

Clear out your domestic property with the assistance of our skilled workmen. Book now to enjoy the earliest slots!