About the insurance policies we provide

What Insurance Options Does Gago Movers Offer?

Gago Movers provides comprehensive insurance coverage for your items. This coverage includes the option for items to be either replaced, repaired, or compensated financially for any lost or damaged items, based on the insurer's choice and the insurance terms and conditions.

How Is This Different from Liability Insurance?

While many removal companies offer liability insurance for goods in transit, Gago Movers' insurance goes beyond. Unlike liability insurance that compensates at the second-hand value, our coverage ensures that your items are replaced as new.

Does Gago Movers Protect My Premises?

Yes, Gago Movers offers extended liability protection for accidental damage to premises within the UK, providing an extra layer of security for your peace of mind.

Who Values My Goods?

It is your responsibility to estimate the value of your goods. The value you provide to insurers should be sufficient to replace your goods as new. It's advisable to shop around to ensure an accurate estimate, considering factors like market price changes.

What Happens If I Need to Make a Claim?

In the event of a claim, your details will be forwarded to the insurer's appointed claims handling agents, who will process the claim according to the policy terms. Notify Gago Movers within 5 days of delivery if you need to make a claim.

Need Removals Insurance?

Gago Movers offers 'Full All Risks Door to Door' coverage for your household and personal goods during a move. The cover is immediate, and you can purchase it online. No detailed inventory is required, and there's a policy excess of £250 in case of a claim.

For moves to the UK or internationally, our competitive house moving insurance covers both domestic and emigration scenarios. If your goods are placed into storage, enjoy 60 days of free insurance cover. Simply declare the full replacement value at the destination, and the premium is based on this declared value. No detailed inventory is needed, making the process quick and efficient. Compare our quote with competitors to see the value Gago Movers brings to your moving experience.

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