How do I reserve date?

The easiest way to make a reservation is to send us an email confirming acceptance of your quote and telling us the date and time that you want to move. You can also call us to confirm your appointment. After you make your reservation you will send you a confirmation email.

What if I need to cancel my move?

We do understand that sometimes plans change and if you only require a different date and time of your move we will try our very best to accommodate these changes and there will be no charges and if you really have to cancel and you managed to let us know at least 3 days prior, we will not charge you either. However, we will unfortunately have to apply a small cancellation fee in the case of a cancellation at short notice. We would really appreciate your understanding.


What does the packing service cover?

A packing crew will be there on moving day or the day before with all the packing supplies and will pack all your items including books, linens, clothes, kitchen utensils etc.


Who is responsible for parking?

is the clients to arrange a parking bay with the council , it has to be done 7-14 days before the day of the move. for any penalty notices at the time of processing the load is the clients responsibilities 


Do you offer box delivery?

Yes we do. But there's a minimum order of £70 for this service and we'll only go to certain London post codes, which aren't too far out. Give us a call we are more than happy to assist you. 

Are you going to help me pack?

Yes, we will! that is what our movers are for. We offer full service including packing, assembling and dissembling and the loading and unloading of the van.

Who is responsible for parking suspension bays for the vehicles ?

If you are moving with us we are more than happy to reserve the parking suspension, we need a Minimum of 10 days notice before the move we need to inform your local council to reserve the parking. For any further details please contact our team or need registration number of our Vehicles

Ealing parking bays suspension click HERE 

Hammersmith  parking bays suspension click HERE

Westminster council parking bays suspension click HERE

Wandsworth council parking bays suspension click HERE

What are wardrobe boxes and how can I get some?

We know what a pain it is to end up with crinkled shirts and suits at the end of your move. That's why we'll provide you with up to 5 wardrobe boxes, so you can hang up your clothes neatly and securely. You'll get these on the day of the move, and we will take them with us when we leave.


How do I prepare big and bulky Furniture for the moving?

The easiest way of preparing your furniture and especially electronic items is to put them back into their original packaging if you still have them. if not we have blankets for free of use in our vehicles always we can use them to coveer them. 

How can we book a last-minute removal service?

If you require our service lastminute then that is no problem at all. You can just give us a call as soon as you can 020 3592 5439

Can I travel in the vehicles with the movers on moving day?

We were happpy to do so before the covid, but unfortunately for the safety of all we recommend you take an artinative way. 

Are you going to help us pack up the office?

Yes we will! We offer full service including packing, assembling and dissembling and the loading and unloading of the vehicles. 

Do you cover my area?

We cover all areas poste codes of London with Nationwide and Europe


Do you work on Sundays?

Yes we do, the only days we are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Does moving house require a professional movers?

We definitely recommend you to hire a professional moving company to help you move your house A common saying that we hear a quite often from our clients is never thought of how much stuff i had !

Do you provide full packing service ?

Our professional team will carry out this task for you. We provide you with all necessary packing materials . Under your request our packers will remove and pack all of your belongings.  After everything has been packed nicely our professional team will do all of the lifting and loading.

Are you going to help me pack?

Of course we will! That is what our movers are for. We offer full service including packing, assembling and dissembling and of course the loading and unloading of the van. 


What are wardrobe boxes and how can I get some?

Wardrobe boxes allow you to pack your clothes securely and end up without any crinkles. We can provide you with wardrobe boxes. Check out our packing service to order individual boxes or our convenient combination packages.


Is it necessary for me to be at home when the cleaning staff arrives?

It is not necessary for you to be home at all as long as you are comfortable with giving our staff access to your home. We obviously offer insurance and take full responsibility of our staffs' behaviour. And you are welcome to stay at home and assure the quality of our service is sufficient. 


What are my payment options?

We take all the payment options cash or card after receiving our service or you can pay straight away card payment or bank transfer.


Do you work evenings and weekends/ bank holidays?

Yes, we do! And there will be no extra charge either.


How can I book a Handyman last-minute service?

For last-minute services, please call our customer service number. That way, we can offer you a quicker, last-minute service.


Does your staff bring the tools?

No matter what the job entails we will have you cover, having the right tools is a key part of getting it done professionally. In fact, there’s an old adage that says, “You’re only as good as the tools you use.


Where will you take the waste?

We assure you that all the waste that you  leave with us will be lawfully disposed at recycling facilities centre we full licence and we work with Cringle Dock Solid Waste Transfer Station in Battersea power station.


Which items do you remove?

We are a professional moving company we remove any items and weight, we have a professional Handyman in the company that he will take care with disassemble and reassemble furniture.


How soon can you arrange a removal?

As soon as possible after you have signed your new contract,  get in contact with our professional mover coordinator it will guide throw out the process of moving.


What is the process of arranging a waste removal?

What is the process of arranging a waste removal?

You can contact us via phone (this is the preferred option if you require a removal for the same or next day) or you can submit a free and super-quick quote on our website. We will get in touch with you and just come by your house whenever it suits you. That way there will be no hassle for you. 


How far in advance I should book my move?

  • We often recommend you to book in advance as two week notice, Always works better for both side and it help us to arrange the necessary requirement for you move, also we like to treat our client as family not as one time customer.
  • Such Bank holidays, Friday and weekends will always require a additional notice to insure the availability.
  • It is important to keep communication with your mover coordinator, as they will block the time out and turn down other works ones the booking is been confirmed the


Do you charge the same rate at weekends?

Weekend rates are similar to week day no extra charge will be added, except if it is out of openning hours (early than 6am or after 8pm)

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