Household storage services can be useful in several situations. If you are moving from one city to another or from England to elsewhere in the United Kingdom, you can avail of our services to temporarily store household goods. If you are going on a trip around the world but are worried about your valuables, you can avail of our household storage services that offer personal storage and security. Household storage services can also come in handy for long-term storage. However, any company providing these services has to ensure that the storage facilities are appropriate and reliable. We at Gago Movers provide household storage services at our highly secured storage facilities.


A household can benefit greatly from temporary storage facilities under certain circumstances. Temporary storage is mostly availed when your house removal size is large, and only some of your things can be moved to your destination in one trip. It may also be used in transit for one reason or the other. Some families may also avail of temporary storage facilities to secure their valuables while going on a trip. Others may choose to store their old stuff, such as furniture. Whatever your reasons, you can rely on our storage facilities for temporary storage.


Households may also require long-term storage of household goods. In that case, they would mostly need personal storage units to operate whenever they want. Long-term storage is mostly used for either storing away excess things which you do not intend to sell or if you are planning to go on a long trip. They can also be used while your house removal is in process, and you must vacate your current residence. We can provide storage facilities for all sizes of things, even if they are big and heavy.


The purpose of storage facilities should be more than just storing. It has to be ensured that the items being secured are given the right environment, which is free from contaminants. We ensure that all your items are secured under appropriate conditions. Our highly secured storage facilities will protect your assets from water and other contaminants. Moreover, our storage sites are monitored regularly with the help of the best surveillance systems to prevent theft.

Furthermore, your belongings will be insured as per your desire. Gago movers offer complete insurance coverage for your personal belongings. Make sure you read the insurance policy thoroughly. Please also note that we do not provide storage facilities for dangerous, toxic, illegal, and banned items.


Depending on the type of things you want us to store, we will pack them with premium quality packing material. If you have fragile and valuable items that need to be secured with packing material such as bubble wrap and boxes, we can provide that too. Our team members can also help you pack these items for a service fee. We use various storage units, including shipping containers and secure chests. Our storage units for household items are easily accessible so that you can retrieve anything you want whenever you want.

Competitive Pricing

Your cost of household storage depends on the storage size and duration. Our storage packages are priced for maximum affordability and are highly competitive compared to market prices. One thing we do not do is compromise on service quality. We are responsible for providing you with a secure and safe storage facility. We will ensure that your valuables are returned to you exactly in the condition you left them with us.

Personalized Storage

We ensure that our storage services are personalized for all our clients. You can choose to store your items in any of our available storage facilities located in different locations in the United Kingdom. Our easily accessible storage facilities are designed to provide self-storage for household customers, allowing you the freedom to store or remove any items you want without hassle.

Seven Reasons to Choose Us

  • Fully insured storage facilities.
  • 24 Hour surveillance to ensure the safety of your belongings.
  • Proper storage conditions to protect against hazards and contamination.
  • Personalized storage services for various types of goods.
  • Easily accessible storage units.
  • Storage units of all sizes are available.
  • Best prices in the market.

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