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When it comes to moving a house or office, we think that we have ample time to prepare for the move and it will generally take three to four weeks at the minimum to complete the entire process. However, all of this is in our imagination. In reality, moving is a process that contains tiny details and individual tasks, and sometimes you have to make the last-minute move. Usually, there are two types of house removals London. Firstly, are the ones where you don’t have time to think whether to hire home movers London or do it on your own. Secondly, where you have procrastinated so much and found yourself in a position where there are a lot of unpacked boxes and the house movers London are set to come in a couple of days. In both instances, you need to figure out how to move quickly and safely as it has become a necessity. So below, there are 6 essential tips give by professional home removals London specialists to help you out.

What is the best way to move a house?

  • Begin the process with the logistics

  • Dispose of the things you don’t need

  • Arrange a bag to put in moving essentials

  • Don’t wait and begin packing

  • Go ahead and be efficient by disassembling furniture

  • Leave some tasks for the home movers London

  • Leave some tasks for the home movers London

Stress Free House or Office Removals London
Gago Movers are expert removal professionals who know how to take the stress out of house or office removals London.Did you know… 18-30s are more likely to be regularly on the move, while more than 50 per cent of house removals London involve 2 or 3 bedroom properties. Man and Van.Whether you only have a handful of packing cases or you need a large van, your aim is for a smooth and stress-free move as possible! But planning a move around daily work/life schedules may not always be so easy.Likewise, the often complex logistics of planning for an office removals London! A business will thoroughly plan a relocation months in advance and will expect the actual move to be expedited with maximum precision and efficiency to a fixed scheduled. Many commercial moves will also require unusual moving times. Our flexible approach ensures a prompt, reliable service when our services are required.

Any removals task, big or small

Every day, Gago are called to the heart of the busy urban removals action! Whether for a house removal or office removal. Our expert, experienced team are ready to provide key practical advice, from pre-planning and packing to supplying specialist packaging materials and protection techniques, tools and equipment aimed at handling any removals task, big or small.Not everyone will have the time to do everything that’s needed in detail while others are simply unsure of what they need to do. What are the right size packing materials you need? How many trips will it take to move every last box?Whether young professionals jumping on the housing ladder or young families heading for pastures new, as many as 60 per cent of all UK house moves happen in London. House moves are up by 2 per cent and the demand for removal services London continues to grow daily.From first enquiry to the last packing case… Gago are dedicated to providing the highest standards of reliable, professional removals that you can trust to complete your perfect house or office move.

Begin the process with the logistics

When you encounter with the last-minute move than every task becomes necessary as well as difficult to accomplish. Thinking about how much needs to be accomplished can easily increase the level of stress and anxiety. However, instead of letting the moving tasks to overwhelm you, you can just make a list, take a deep breath and start crossing the items off the list.The first step in the removals process usually includes hiring a home moving company or renting a moving truck. It all depends on your preferences of whether you want to do it yourself or hire movers near me. In case you decide to hire house movers London then you won't have much time to conduct thorough research. So what you can do is to use a search engine and write moving companies and it will instantly show you a list of reputable movers in your area.On the other hand, if you have decided to rent a truck, then you need to get two or three quotes from different companies because it will help you in making the right decision. The sooner you are done with the logistics section, the sooner you will get to work on everything else.


Dispose of the things you don’t need

It is a proven fact that the fewer things you have for packing, the easier and quicker the packing will be. And if it is the last-minute scenario, then easy packing is the key. Search each room, cupboard, and cabinet of your house and the same with the apartment. If you find items that you no longer need, then dispose of them right away. You can separate the items into three categories, i.e. donate, recycle, and throw away.You need to think practically and not emotionally. A move is also the best time to get rid of the things you don’t want, and if it is a hurried move, then it requires you to travel lightly. Don’t fall victim to the idea of packing everything now and get rid of the things once you unpack your items in your new house. It is better that you sort out items out pre-move and save your effort and energy for the things that really matter.

Leave some tasks for the house movers London

One of the major benefits of hiring expert house movers near me is the assistance that you get when you are in a hurry. Once you start packing with the assistance of the house movers London, then you do not have to abruptly pack everything as the house moving services are design in such a way that focuses on meeting your requirements and achieving your satisfaction. When you have hired house removals London services, it is okay to leave a few responsibilities, and don’t worry about paying a little more on packing materials. With a quick move, hiring home removals London is the best way to do.Shifting is a worrying process no matter how much time you have got. In case you are figuring out how to move in a hurry, focus on the bigger picture and just get your things to your new home as securely as possible. Unpacking would possibly take a bit longer. But don’t stress, at least you have made it.

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Moving is such an complicated process, but Gago Movers has made it so much easier! They gave me an excellent quote and kept in touch, ensuring that I had everything I needed. Sam, Omar and Ashraf were great! They took care of everything and smiled and were good throughout whole moving. I had a long crazy sofa that I knew would be very difficult to get out of my house and they brought it out in record time! 10/10 would recommend/recommend anyone I know who is moving out! Thanks guys!!"

Haley Mcginnis from London City,  via Google